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2015 Annual Report

ProPhase Labs' offerings include both the highly effective OTC Cold-EEZE® product line and the soothing ORXx cough/cold drops.  Our consumer health customers include leading national wholesalers and distributors, as well as independent and chain food, drug and mass merchandise stores and pharmacies. TK Supplements® are available at or



CE Cherry


Zinc Cold Shortening: Lozenges

Cold-EEZE® lozenges are clinically proven to shorten your cold by almost half.






Zinc Cold Shortening Plus

Cold-EEZE® Cold Shortening Lozenges, QuickMelts®, and Oral Spray PLUS products shorten your cold and provide additional benefits to help you feel better.





DayTime Liquid



Cold & Flu Symptom Relief

Liquid Cold-EEZE® cold and flu products provide temporary relief of the symptoms associated with the common cold and flu.


Children's Nighttime Liquid


Children's Symptom Relief: Liquids

Cold-EEZE® Children's Symptom Relief are products specially formulated for children and help relieve symptoms associated with the common cold.


Natural Allergy Relief


Natural Allergy Relief

Long-lasting, natural relief of symptoms from  indoor and outdoor allergies, including congestion, itchy eyes, and runny nose.





ORXx Complete Cough/Cold Drops offer natural, soothing relief for coughs and sore throats caused by colds. ORXx Defense is a vitamin C supplement drop.  ORXx Drops come in a three delicious flavors.


Legendz XL

TK Supplements®

TK Supplements® is dedicated to promoting better health, energy and sexual vitality. Each of our herbal supplements is researched to determine the optimum blend of ingredients to ensure our consumers receive premium quality products. To achieve this, we formulate with the highest quality ingredients derived from nature and ingredients enhanced by science. TK Supplements® has LEGENDZ XL™, a male sexual enhancement, TRIPLE EDGE XL®, a daily energy and stamina booster, and SUPER PROSTAFLOW+™, a supplement to support prostate and urinary health.